H20 Mermaids Theory: Charlotte Was A Real Mermaid

#H20mermaids #h20justaddwater #makomermaids #h20makomermaids #mermaid #mermaids Was Charlotte a Real Mermaid all along? (Caution: Spoilers for H20: Just Add Water Season 2 Spoilers and H20: Island of Secrets Season 3 Spoilers.)  Charlotte Watsford was introduced on Season 2 of H20: Just Add Water in 2007. She developed as a main character for the season, as…

Cry of the Sea by D.G. Driver | Book Review

A book review for D.G. Driver’s Cry of the Sea.

SeaWorld Ends Orca Shows

SeaWorld announces their plans for the the future of their Orcas. Here is what they promised.

Tilikum is Dying

The death of an Orca that started the movement to #EmptyTheTanks & subject of “Blackfish.”